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The 2016 Efficiency Exchange Conference will be held at the Coeur d’Alene Conference Center in Idaho on April 26 – 27, 2016, with tours on April 28. Efficiency Exchange is the premier networking and learning conference for energy efficiency professionals from across the Pacific Northwest. Attendees from public and private electric utilities, consulting and research firms, government and non-profit organizations will come together to learn and connect to help the region more effectively achieve its energy savings goals

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Latest Coverage

Posted by Jon Clark
The Delicate Balance: Short Term Rates vs. EE as Lowest Cost Resource
Posted by Elissa Newton
Recap of EFX16 Breakout Session 5: State of the Lighting Industry
Posted by Emily Moore
Apples to Apples: Improving the Region's Tracking of Conservation Programs
Posted by Josh Pelham
Wise Words From Future Leaders and "Seasoned Champions" of Energy Efficiency
The closing session of Efficiency Exchange 2016 couldn't have been more fitting. Tom Eckman's retirement has been a hot topic in our industry. The news has caused industry veterans and newcomers ...
Posted by Becca Yates
EFX 2016: Achieving Targeted Energy Efficiency Through Custom Tailored Marketing and Outreach
This session proved to be an impressive session on how to maximize outreach efforts through segmentation, targeted community outreach, building local partnerships and understanding audiences.
Posted by Christopher Dymond
Clean Power Plan - EFX16 Session
EFX16 Presenters covered EPA's Clean Power Plan - 32% CO2 reduction by 2030. Despite the lawsuits, the rule may succeed, and result in a regional economic and climate change risk mitigation ...
Posted by Robyn Lee Aguirre
No Stone Unturned: Building Efficiency with Behavior
Key Takeaways from "No Stone Unturned: Building Efficiency with Behavior" a look into Urban Smart Bellevue, a new program from PSE and City of Bellevue
Posted by David Clement
Emerging Tech Speed Dating
Key Take-aways from Emerging Tech Speed Dating Session of Efficiency Exchange 2016
Posted by Denis DuBois
Energy Efficiency Marketing: We Don’t Compete So Let’s Work Together
Session participants shared success stories at Efficiency Exchange.
Posted by Robyn Lee Aguirre
Key Takeaways from Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good at #EFX16
Key Takeaways from Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good at #EFX16
Posted by Jill Reynolds
Utility Response to Industry Disruption Session - EFX16
Here's a recap of  the Utility Response to Industry Disruption session at EFX16 - enjoy!
Posted by BJ Moghadam
Vote for your favorite Tom Eckman "Top 10"
Tom Eckman may or may not have committed to pursuing whichever post-retirement plan the region supports most, so cast your vote!!! 
Posted by Ken Baker
The Evolution of Evaluation - Revolution or Resolution?
The evolution of evaluation from an after exercise to a real time informative process.
Posted by Mark Ralston
Why the big fuss over data-driven EE?
A central theme of the EFX session on Data-Driven Energy Efficiency as a Gateway to Satisfaction and Engagement was providing meaningful information, not just data, as a way to educate consumers and ...
Posted by Richard Génecé
Posted by Veronica Marzilli
Come see us in the Conduit Lounge!
We're all set up in the Conduit Lounge here in Coeur D' Alene! Come stop by, explore the newly redesigned Conduit, eat from our never-ending candy bowls and share takeaways from your sessions - be ...
Posted by Carol Lindstrom
Efficiency Exchange 2016: Closing Session Live Video Stream
Building on Experience: Industry Leaders of the Present and Future Tackle Today’s Challenges closing session live video stream from EFX16.
Posted by Carol Lindstrom
Efficiency Exchange 2016: Opening Session Live Video Stream
Unable to attend Efficiency Exchange 2016? Most sessions will be recorded and videos posted by May 15. See the General Session on "Energy Efficiency in the Seventh Power Plan" via live stream ...